Llyn Dinas

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This beautiful lake is easy to find, as you drive alongside it on the A498 just north of Beddgelert. There’s a parking area on the south west corner of the lake, where you can walk straight to the lake shore.
After a short wooded area you can take a bridge over the river, which immediately brings you to a great spot for photos. There are several small rocks close to the shore, and also plenty of grasses and other vegetation to use as foreground interest, and you get an amazing view of the rocky, mountainous scenery.
The view is mostly north easterly, but because it’s surrounded by mountains, the rising sun won’t reach the lake until well after sunrise. In the evening during the late autumn and winter, the sun will bath the valley in warm light, so this can be a great time to shoot, although this will disappear well before sunset.

Llyn Dinas, Snowdonia
Llyn Dinas, Snowdonia

Llyn Dinas, Snowdonia
Llyn Dinas, Snowdonia
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