Kilve, Somerset

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Kilve beach is a great place to shoot sunsets, particularly during autumn, winter and spring. You reach the beach by taking the small road in the centre of Kilve on the A39 (next to the village shop). After around 3/4 mile you'll go past The Chantry tea gardens car park, and just a little further you'll find the public car park. The main areas are pay and display during the day, but if you go later in the day there's an area where you can park for free.
From the car park you should follow the path through the gate on the left of the derelict building to the main beach. Here you'll find a small stream flowing over the large pebbles at the top of the beach, and a wide open view of the sea. Like most Bristol Channel locations, low tide means the sea will be a long way away, but this does reveal the jagged underlying rocks beyond the pebbles at the top of the beach.

Kilve, Somerset
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