Kennack Sands, The Lizard, Cornwall

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Like many Cornish locations, Kennack Sands loes at the end of a tiny, twisty country lane. During the summer there's plenty of parking, but out of season you'll find that there are a few spaces along the road, and also down near the neach cafe (which isn't likely to be open at the times of year or day when a photographer is likely to visit this location!).
The main beach faces south/south west, so Kennack Sands is best for sunrise shots during winter (or early spring or late autumn), as during the middle of the year the sun will rise too far north to reach the beach. While the sunset is too far west to really reach the beach.
Kennack Sands can be divided quite neatly into two beaches. The easterly one is wide, open and can be reached at almost any tide. While the western beach is dotted with large and small jagged rocks, making it a bit more interesting. But this eastern beach is largely inaccessible at high tide, when it's also cut off from the western beach. So you need to watch the tide on the east beach, otherwise you'll have a bit of a climb to get off the beach.

Kennack Sands, The Lizard, Cornwall
Kennack Sands, The Lizard, Cornwall

Kennack Sands, The Lizard, Cornwall
Kennack Sands, The Lizard, Cornwall
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