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West Kennet Long Barrow is a neolithic chambered tomb set on top of a hill that overlooks nearby Silbury Hill and Avebury. The site is quite popular so, unless it’s very early or after dark you won’t be the only person there. The entrance to the tomb with its distinctively shaped stones is the main feature. To get to West Kennet, take the A4 from Chippenham (heading east) or Marlborough (heading west) towards Avebury. There is a lay-by just past (or just before) Silbury Hill and a footpath leading up to long barrow. Star trails are an option at West Kennet, although there is some horizon-level light pollution from Swindon to the North and a number of flight paths pass overhead. It’s quite exposed and can get chilly after sunset so take some warm clothing if you’re planning on waiting for the stars to come out.
The sun set behind the main entrance stones, so you’ll need a strong ND grad (or combine two exposures/use HDR) to keep detail in both the stones and the sky. There’s also a slightly annoyingly placed information board near the entrance, which limits your viewpoints if you don’t want to include this modern addition.

West Kennet long barrow, sunset
West Kennet long barrow, sunset

Startrails, West Kennet long barrow
Startrails, West Kennet long barrow
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