South Wales

Ceibwr Bay, South Wales

Located close to the village of Molygrove, near Cardigan, Ceibwr Bay is less well-known than much of the Pembrokeshire coast, but it's just as spectacular. The jagged rocks of the shore, which are only just visible at high tide, create excellent foreground interest, and the stratified rock cliffs create a superb backdrop.
The road that creates a loop around the bay from Molygrove is small and twisty, so take care, and there is space for several cars close to where it cuts through the rocks. From here it's just a short scramble over the rocks to find some of the best coastal viewpoints in South Wales.
Just like most of the Welsh coast, it's best visited at sunset to photograph the sun setting over the Irish Sea and lighting the cliffs.

Ceibwr Bay, Pembrokeshire