Photo tuition

What will we cover during the tuition and courses

I have been shooting landscapes for over 20 years, and have been visiting Skye for almost as long. So I have a host of experience to share with you, to help you improve your landscape photography.
Whether you are confused by composition, flumuxed by filters or simply need a little inspiration about what and when to shoot, I can help. With 15 years’ experience of shooting and writing technique articles for photography magazines and photographic books, along with helping readers on a one-to-one basis, I can offer a unique range of skills to help you gain a better understanding of landscape photography. All of the techniques and tuition are applicable to any camera, and I am familiar with all of the major manufacturers cameras, lenses and accessories, so can help no matter which system you use. I’ve also got plenty of filters, tripods and other pieces of kit that you can use to help you get the most from every photographic situation.

Tailored to you
Everyone’s needs and skills are different, so I don’t simply set an itinerary and expect you to fit in with it. Every holiday can be tailored exactly to your needs, so if you want to learn a specific skill or technique, just ask.
I can offer a range of tuition, from beginners right through to the more experienced photographer. I want you to get the most from your experience on the island, whether that’s technical advice on settings and gear, or how to plan and find locations, to the more aesthetic considerations of your photography.
The tuition is for a maximum of 2 people at a time, so I can guarantee that you’ll get my full attention. I don’t offer large scale group tuition, where it’s difficult to tailor the experience to individual needs. I’m simply interested in helping you get the most out of your time on the island. If you want to be up before sunrise, in the rain and out in the landscape, I’m happy to be there to help you. But similarly, if you’d rather take your photography at a more leisurely pace I’m happy to do that too. It’s your holiday, not mine!
This doesn’t mean that it’s more expensive than many other photographic holidays, though. Because you can choose how much time you need to spend with me, and how much you’d rather explore the island yourself, it can work out cheaper than many other photo holidays.
The weather will always dictate where we go and what we shoot, though. This is where the bespoke tuition can help even further. For example, if you stay in our accommodation for a week, but just book two or three days tuition, we can shift the timings, locations and even the days when we shoot to take account of the weather conditions.