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Sgwd Ddwli

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Located on the River Neath, Sgwd Ddwli is one of the numerous waterfalls in this area of the Brecon Beacons (known as waterfall country). From Glynneath, follow the signs to the waterfall centre in Pontneddfechan, and then keep heading east on this road up a steep hill with a couple of sharp bends and out of the village. After just under 2 miles the landscape opens out onto an open moor, where you need to turn left down a minor road (not signposted). This road becomes much narrower, steeper and twistier as you get close to the car park, which can be a little nerve wracking! Finally after around half a mile there’s a car park on your left, just after you cross over the river.
From the car park you simply follow the main footpath south for just under half a mile to get to this waterfall. It’s an easy enough walk, although it can get pretty wet and muddy, so make sure you have a good pair of waterproof boots. Getting down to the waterfall isn’t immediately obvious, as the easiest way is to walk about fifty yards past the waterfall, before descending the bank and walking back along the shore to the waterfall.
There are a few viewpoints along the bank, depending on how much water there is in the river. If the sun is out you’ll need to visit in the afternoon for the light to fall on the waterfall, but as it’s surrounded by woodland you’ll often find that it’s in shadow.
The classic time to visit is in the autumn, as the autumn colours can be stunning. With the trees in full leaf, in summer the whole area is often shrouded in shadow, making it difficult to get a great shot of the falls, while the bleaker, leaf-free winter trees will give a the whole area a completely different look and atmosphere.

Sgwd Ddwli, Brecon Beacons
Sgwd Ddwli, Brecon Beacons