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Roundway Hill, Wiltshire

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Roundway Hill is part of the North Wessex downs. It is an open hilltop with a number of single trees which you can use to good effect against an interesting sky. To the right of the hill there are some deep gullies in the chalk hillside providing a bit of contrast and interest to the grassland view. Roundway Hill faces south south west making it a good spot for sunset when there are some clouds to colour up. To get to Roundway Hill, take the A361 out of Devizes and turn left at the Travelodge (signposted Roundway and Garden Ind Estate). After about a mile turn right (there’s a dead end road sign but no signpost). The road goes up hill and after about half a mile take the left hand fork. When you read the top of the hill the road becomes a bumpy gravel track and at the end of this you’ll find a small car park on the left, or you can park by the side of the road. From the car park there’s a footpath going left, running between the copse to your left and fields on your right. This path then opens out onto Roundway Hill itself.
The main slopes of the hill face west, so it’s best shot at sunset, rather than sunrise. In the winter the sun will set over Devizes, while during the summer months it will be much further north.

Roundway Hill, Wiltshire, sunset
Roundway Hill, Wiltshire, sunset